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02 Mar 2020. IDI.ES

Made in Mallorca 2020 line-up announced

Made in Mallorca rounds out its handicraft, industry and design exhibition with talks, a conference series and daily guided tours.

The line-up of speakers at Made in Mallorca 2020 are Adenda Architects and Kresta Design, on Wednesday, 11 March; Biel Huguet and Martín Azúa, on Thursday, 12 March; and Lluís Clotet and Alfredo Häberli, on Friday, 13 March. The conferences will be held at 6:30 pm in the Es Baluard Conference Room.Images here.

The following event partners have joined the exhibition: Aba Art Lab, Carmina Shoemaker, Chefsin, Oliver Moragues and Son Moragues. With their participation, Made in Mallorca is too big for the Aljibe to contain and will spill out into Palma’s main shopping streets. The schedule will soon be confirmed.

Two professionally guided tours of the exhibition have also been scheduled. These will be held on 11 to 13 March in two shifts, morning and afternoon, at 11:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Made in Mallorca 2020 takes over the Aljub at Es Baluard from the 11 to 14 March, from 10:30 am to 8 pm.

Made in Mallorca 2020 inunda elAljub d'Es Baluard del 11 al 14 de marzo, de 10:30 h a 20:00 h.

You can sign up for activities on the Made in Mallorca

Made in Mallorca 2020 line-up announced

24 Feb 2020. IDI.ES

Made in Mallorca takes over the Aljub room at Es Baluard

Design, handicraft, sustainability and industry are back in Palma from 11 to 14 March.

The second edition of Made in Mallorca returns to Palma under the leadership of IDI, a company that works under the Department of Energy Transition and Productive Sectors of the Government of the Balearic Islands. The exhibition, which will be held at the Aljub at Es Baluard from 11 to 14 March, focuses on sustainability as a factor linked to industry, design and handicrafts

The home décor sector is featured in a project with five more participating companies than last year&edition. Made in Mallorca promotes the power of the place where things are made, the quality of the materials and the value of original creations. The proposal will reflect the genuine bond that an original product creates, the bond that exists between the designer, the artisan and the producer. This is what sets Made in Mallorca apart, with the majority of this year’s participants combining these three production processes: a piece is conceptualised, designed and manufactured here.

16 participantes en Made in Mallorca 2020

Artesania Tèxtil Bujosa, Català Roig Ceramics, Contain Studio, Edicions de Disseny La Pecera, Huguet, Lafiore withNico Guevara Studio, Lysende Logik, Maria Antònia Ramis, Mirenchu, 2Monos, Paparkone, Studio Jaia, Teixits Riera, Teixits Vicens, Tonia Fuster &8Vuitulls.

The IDI stands strong in its commitment to local architecture in an exhibition in which all the elements align with the “Made in Mallorca” concept. For the second edition of Made in Mallorca, TEd’A ARQUITECTES will present a proposal in the Aljub space that is created as a type of room that serves to enhance the connection between the companies and the region. The project thus remains faithful to previous editions, and the Feina Studio exhibitions that showcased local brands and materials.

The domestic and everyday aspects are the focus of an exhibition that will feature a line-up of internationally renowned speakers who have recently confirmed their participation.

Made in Mallorca takes over the Aljub room at Es Baluard

27 Nov 2019. IDI.ES

Made in Mallorca, nominated for an Essentially Mallorca Award

The Made in Mallorca initiative is one of the projects nominated for an award granted by Essentially Mallorca, a private association that promotes the island as a luxury tourist destination. The Made in Mallorca collective exhibition is up for the ‘Best Reflection of theEssence of Mallorca’ Award, which recognises initiatives that relate luxury to experiences connected to the roots of the island and the people who live in and love Mallorca. Made in Mallorca is a public proposal managed by the IDI.

The Essentially Mallorcaassociation brings together tourist service businesses that aim to provide customers visiting the island with quality, exclusivity and experiences related to Mallorca&traditions. For the past two years, it has organised awards to recognise the best companies, projects or initiatives related to high-quality luxury tourism in Mallorca. There are three categories of Essentially Mallorca Awards, which will be presented on Friday, 29 November: Best Committed Luxury, Best Reflection of the Essence of Mallorca, and Best Mallorca Luxury Ambassador.

Made in Mallorca is a space curated and designed by IDI to showcase the selected products of each participant as part of a collective exhibition that captures the sensitivity of the island’s design. Made in Mallorca shortlists companies based on three factors: the power of local “Made in Mallorca” products, quality and design. The exhibition features designers and companies, displaying products including tiles and cement pieces, hand-crafted fabrics, ceramics, glass, lighting and furniture that capture the essence of Mallorca’s home décor sector. The initiative offers a value proposal that connects with both national and international consumers, as evidenced by successful exhibitions organised for theLondon Design Fair and for the local public in Palma.Made in Mallorca en Mallorcais back next March 2020.

Through Made in Mallorca, the IDI seeks to promote and position design as a key strategic factor in innovation and competitiveness.The aim is for well established industrial and handicraft companies that have not incorporated design into their business strategies to connect with designers from different disciplines in order to showcase their products.

Made in Mallorca, nominated for an Essentially Mallorca Award